Ghostbusters: Afterlife

PG-13 In Theaters: Nov 11, 2021


Adrián tells Paulina that he wants to go out with her because he recognizes that he is starting to feel something, she tells him that he is crazy and can not believe what he hears. Flora arrives just at that moment and asks them what is happening. Fernanda tells Bety that she has left with Ariel, she tells her that she can commit imprudence and repent for the rest of her life, Bety misinterprets her and tells her that surely that was what happened to her and that is why she became pregnant, Fernanda slaps. Fernanda asks Bety for forgiveness, tells her that she felt very offended, Bety realizes that what she did was not good, the two are reconciled. Finally, they all arrive in Zacatecas, Erica takes the opportunity to call Tamara and ask her what she has to do to get Vanesa in trouble. Erica, at Tamara's request, tells Paulina that she heard that Matilde was talking bad about her.

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